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Natural Stone

Now, you don’t have to scrub your grout lines for hours at a time or worry about unclean and unprotected surfaces – ZEROREZ® has the solution.  We offer a remarkable and GREEN solution to cleaning your tile, countertops, natural stone, and other hard surfaces. We clean and protect against harmful pathogens and keep surfaces looking their best.

Traditional tile and surface cleaning employs soap and detergents to break up the soil, but this leaves an invisible residue film on your countertops and floors. This film attracts dirt and over time discolors the grout and hard surfaces. 

Using a powerful truck mount unit as well as our unique patented cleaning system, we deliver Empowered Water™ at high pressures to your floor and surfaces, removing all built up residue and soil. This cleaning process returns your floors and hard surfaces to their original appearance and luster.

In addition, our proprietary and GREEN multi-surface protectant inhibits the growth of harmful mold and bacteria on all surfaces, while creating an invisible barrier on your living surfaces – slowing down harmful bacteria, pathogens, and microbe growth for extended periods. This makes your home or business healthier and makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

More on Hard Surfaces

We clean all surfaces and can provide long-term protection with our Empowered Water™ and proprietary, GREEN, non-toxic cleaning agents. The ZEROREZ® system:
•    Cleans with GREEN technology
•    Protects surfaces against bacteria, pathogens and harmful germs
•    Reduces cleaning frequency and things stay cleaner longer
•    Creates a healthier living environment
•    Keep your surfaces looking new

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Triple Guarantee

Raving Fan Guarantee - If an error occurs during service, it will be corrected or your money will be refunded.

Price Guarantee - No surprises or hidden charges. You approve all work and know the price before it is administered, or we’ll provide it free of charge.

On Time Guarantee - If we miss our arrival window, you will receive an additional area cleaned absolutely free.